It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Well, I made it! I worked for 3 weeks, got two paychecks, made friends with my co-workers and I definitely feel like I kinda sorta know what I’m doing now. And what has this earned me? 5 days off to spend in the winter wonderland of Smithers! I seriously cannot wait to see my family and eat all their butter tarts. And play in the snow and sleep in the Miller house with Annie the dog curled up beside me and visit lots and sing and give presents!

This afternoon and evening was kind of a flurry of just getting things ready to go. And developing random appetites and thoughts.

Thoughts: I would like to prank-call Quest (that sketchy late night “meet new people” phone line) and just yank their chains a little bit. Too bad it actually costs money.
Also, I forgot how much I liked Spanglish.

Appetites: Somehow, I went the entire day without eating something. Around 8:30, I realized that there were a few things I could get rid of in my refrigerator before I go. A little bitta this, a little bitta that – 20 minutes later, I had french toast and bacon whipped up and I was HUNGRY!! And when I say bacon, I mean like a quarter pack of bacon. Don’t judge me.

Merry Christmas, everyone! xoxo


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