“What we have here is a failure to communicate…”

I have often been asked, “If you could choose any super power in the world, what would it be?”

Usually, my banner choices are flying and being invisible.

But right now, I wish I could read minds. It would save me a lot of aggravation. People say something to you, but what are they really thinking? I know, it’s a total invasion of privacy, but still. If I could read minds, I wouldn’t be tempted to Pandora all kinds of boxes.

You have people in your life. You treat them as well as you can, to your knowledge. And you hope that they’ll stick around. But then one day, a question comes up. A question you don’t want to ask but feel you must. If you ask it, you are making a statement that may or may not be true about that person, and the fact that you asked may or may not offend them and cause them to leave you. But if you don’t ask it, you’ll never know and you’re left wrestling with it because – let’s face it – they’re not mind readers either! They don’t know that you want to ask this question. And really, do you want to ask it? Is no news really good news? What if they’re actually waiting for you to ask this question because they hope you care enough about their life to ask, but you don’t know that because you’re not a mind reader?!

Communication, when done right, is awesome.
When you’re in your early 20’s and your cell phone/computer doesn’t convey voice inflections/tones through text yet, it sucks.


2 thoughts on ““What we have here is a failure to communicate…”

  1. If you are talking about me, by chance…. please ask. 🙂
    I love you! And I am bemoaning your lack of cell phone usage for the next few days.

    And if by chance it is not about me… I need an update… although… now that I think about it… I think I know who this is about. =P

  2. I know I can ask you anything!
    This is about a few different people, but I’m sure you’ve got one of them pegged. 😉
    I am also bemoaning my lack of cell phone usage. We’ll just have to hold on tight to our computers!

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