Am I in Disneyland?

Do you ever feel like the statement you’re about to make is going to be followed by the phrase “Famous last words!” ?

Like, “Hey, this would be a good idea.”  Or “That is something I will never do, I promise.”

Within the last 8 months, this has happened to me twice and the life I’m in the middle of living right now is so soooo completely different than what I thought it would be.

It’s been fantastic.

I said that I was doomed to be a single barista #foreveralone, and that I would probably never get the chance to travel overseas.

Well, guess what, Universe? I’m writing this post in a village not far from Prague in the Czech Republic. I have been traveling for two weeks, I will be here for another 10 days, and when I get home, there is a REAL LIVE MAN there waiting for me!

The combination of him plus this continent make me want to sing until the cows come home. Now if he were actually on the same continent..with might be singing until teenagers in Paris on a Friday night come home!

** Blog on love story and blog on traveling will be up faaairrrlllyyy soon. I will even do my best to not be super cheesy and/or long-winded! **

I will leave you with this: Don’t say never. Don’t write yourself off. Those little seedlings of dreams can and will become trees if you just give them a little TLC. =)


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