It is officially April 3rd, and I am so excited. Why?

Because, as far as the lower mainland is concerned, the damn winter is over.

I know, I know. What am I complaining about? No snow, short winters, ocean, shopping therapy opportunities everywhere. I come from the North – I know what ya’ll are dealing with right meow and April doesn’t always mean anything.

But for a tough young lady who has battled many a snowy long winter in her lifetime, this year nearly broke me. Constant rain, constant grey billowing clouds overhead, constant staying inside. The only winter I can think of that was worse was the one of ’03-’04 when I was in Bella Coola. Imagine everything I just said, but now you’ve got snow AND a claustrophobic canyon to add to the mix. NOT. FUN.

This, is Fun.


This, is not.

For awhile, I thought, “Maybe I just don’t belong here. Maybe I will never have happy feelings again. Maybe I’m gonna go all Jack Torrants on my poor family and be on the news for Cabin Fever Disorder. ‘She was such a nice girl; I just don’t understand,’ they all would say.”

But this is simply not the truth. The truth is, that as much as I can work a couch marathon with the best of ’em (Currently just finished season 6 out of 7 on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we only started it, oh…less than 2 months ago? Yeah.) , I need the outside. I crave it. It fills my soul, makes my blood pump faster, my smile get bigger.
Now I’m not saying that I’m one of those amazing people who goes for hikes and bike rides and runs for pure enjoyment. Heh, noooooo. But give me an hour a day in the sunlight, and I’ll be the happiest little frolicker you ever did see.

Did you know that I love the very smell of spring? The leaves, the flowers, the new asphalt, right down to the very whiff of gasoline off the BBQ.

Did you know that I love the very sound of spring? Water trickling, leaves blowing, crunching footsteps, lawn mowers, the pounding thunder of 100 ducks taking off in flight at once.

Did you know that I love the very feel of spring? All things are new. Started over. Hope, joy, excitement, dreaming has returned. For me, it’s the feel of my doula course starting in 9 1/2 days, and knowing that I already have a dear friend who wants me to accompany her in her time of need. Drinking only water or juice every weekday for the past 2 1/2 weeks and already dropping 7 pounds. Two out-of-town weddings of favourite people to travel to, and new music to accompany the road. And the countdown to my bestie Laurie coming to see me just keeps whizzing by at incredible speed. I swear, yesterday, we were at 100 days and now it’s 58. I can’t wait to show her everything in my world,  the world Steve and I have created and enjoyed.

This, now, is a holding time. A calm wait before the beautiful take-off. There will be many things to see and say and discover here before this year is over.

But for now, welcome to my backyard.







“And everything in time, and under heaven, finally falls asleep.
Wrapped in blankets white, all creation shivers underneath.

And still I notice You when branches crack,
And in my breath on frosted glass.
Even now in death, You open doors for life to enter –
You are Winter.

And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced,
Teaching us to breathe.
And what was frozen through is newly purposed,
Turning all things green.

So it is with You, and how You make me new
With every season’s change.
And so it will be, as You are recreating me –
Summer, Autumn, Winter….Spring.

(Every Season, Nichole Nordeman)