On the 1st day of LUSHmas…(or, what the heck is LUSHmas?)

Before I answer that question, I have to say, this past month has been pretty…weird. I’ve wanted to blog so badly about everything that exists in my life, but for some reason, I can’t. I’ve been like Jim Halpert (from The Office) when he tries to play Call of Duty, and he gets stuck in a corner and he jumps up and down so charmingly but he can’t turn left or right to get out, and then Karen blows his head off.

You know, if blogging was like a violent video game that required a good sense of direction.
I guess most people call it writer’s block.

Even now, I’m a little nervous. I really wanna talk about my new job and how much I love it and what are a few of my favourite things! But we’re living in a world full of natural disasters, drugged-out politicians – a world where Brian the Dog and Paul Walker unexpectedly died in the same week, and I want to talk about bath bombs?


Because there is beauty and softness and therapy and colour and relaxation and escape and happy thoughts and bubbles in the midst of chaos and darkness. There always will be. My heart breaks and cries out for the loss of life and integrity and nature, but it’s making the approaching Christmas season that much more beautiful and precious.

So, my friends, welcome to LUSHmas. This is my first time creating a blog series (yay!) and I’m going to pick my 12 favourite things from LUSH (so far) that have made me feel like a queen, Christmas-related or otherwise.
Because, if I’m honest, it’s not easy for me to believe that I’m beautiful. The stars have to align, the outfit’s gotta be perfect, the hair needs to calm the eff down. It’s stupid and it’s hurtfully unnecessary.

To quote a recent Tumblr post:

i feel sooooo confused about what i look like? am i fat am i skinny am i pretty or ugly i literally CAN’T TELL AT ALL. how i feel about my looks changes on a min to min basis and is mostly affected by my mood i am so confused what the HECK do i actually look like to u people. i feel like an alien in my body

This post had more than 64,000 notes attached to it, so obviously there’s a sad epidemic of this feeling going around.

And yet, whenever I put on something that LUSH made – it doesn’t matter which thing – I always feel amazing. I have confidence that I look beautiful, I smell beautiful, and it makes me smile bigger AND it makes me want to pass it on to everyone I meet. (Which, I think can be argued, is the most important part.)

So! On the 1st day of LUSHmas, my LUSHIE gave to me….


…a GOLDEN WONDER!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the Golden Wonder. If a LUSHIE gives this to you, you can know you’re really loved. This is luxury, this is decadence, this is the streets of gold from Heaven above come down to your bathtub.

Each GW takes 3 days to make, from beginning to end. Right now, you can only see the outside, which features a fluffy marshmallow of a bow on top of a glittery 3D box of delight. On the inside, however, is a rainbow layer of blue and pink and green before it finally dissolves to the very heart, which is actually another mini bath bomb itself. If you gently shake the GW, you can hear baby GW crackling away inside, just dying to get out. I personally think that baby GW is fashioned into a butterfly, but maybe that’s just because I’m obsessed with butterflies and I like to see them wherever I go.

When I tried Golden Wonder for the first time, I did not have access to a bathtub, much to my everlasting regret. But since I know I’m not the only one out there that has to face the First World Problem that IS the stand-up shower, I will share my secret with you.

I bought a white plastic tub at Wal-Mart or something like that, in the kitchen section where they sell them as another dish-soaking option for those poor unfortunate souls who have only a single sink for that sort of thing. (Oh Lord, another First World Problem I am acquainted with all too well.)

I filled said white plastic tub with warm water, plopped GW right in, took off my socks, rolled up my pant legs, and took my feet to the spa.


It. Was. Ridonkulous. Warm, silky froth. The rest of my body was mad with jealousy.

As time passed, the colours and the foam continually changed and blessed my soul. The dreamy combination of citrus and cognac oils filled my sniffer and lifted my spirits.

And then something happened that I did NOT expect:


The froth cleared, and fricken STARS came out to say hello. My feet went to outer space and they never wanted to come back.
And then even more froth cleared, until all that was left was water. Emerald green water swirling with a lusty golden shimmer.

So I became a kid again. I was playing with the water, watching it twirl and dance with the flecks of light, never tiring of its enchantment.

But, as it always happens, eventually the water got cold and I had to leave this tiny Heaven. I really should have saved the water in a bottle, to be swirled at later date whenever I feel sad. Parents, saving this magical water in a bottle would probably make a great DIY distraction-maker for your kid. You get the spa time, they get the entertainment, everybody wins.

Now what happened next depends ENTIRELY on what kind of person you are. If you love glitter on your skin, you’ll be thrilled. If you hate glitter on your skin, you’ll be rinsin’.

**You’re about to see feet. Scroll down fast if you hate feet.**


As you can see on my right foot, it comes off easily. =)

So far, this is clearly my favourite bath bomb. My tootsies wouldn’t stop talking about it for, like, a week. I can’t imagine how amazing the rest of me will feel once I try it again!

Score: 10/10 **********

Pair it Up!: with Celebrate, a moisturizing lotion made with the same citrus and cognac oils as the Golden Wonder. Your skin will thank you, and then head out to party.

May you believe you are beautiful today.

xo Carly


4 thoughts on “On the 1st day of LUSHmas…(or, what the heck is LUSHmas?)

    • Uhhhhh you should lift that ban a tiny bit because this bath bomb is only available during christmas time! Plus a whole bunch of products are now being discontinued so if you have any favourites, you should stock up. πŸ™‚

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