On the 2nd day of LUSHmas…

…my LUSHIE gave to me:: a SECRET SANTA!!!!

So I need to start this off by saying that ya’ll should feel extremely special and loved because I am choosing to expose my face and fingers to the elements just so I can bring you the next installment to the LUSHmas blog! (Is the next Ice Age approaching North America or what?)
If you’re reading this from somewhere in Canada or the States, you should comment below on how cold it is where you are, and we’ll see who wins! Today in Langley BC, it’s only -5 thus far, but this is the rainforest, people. There’s an ocean nearby and that wind + moisture combo means that there’s a blanket now hanging over my front door, and a hot water bottle is permanently attached to my body. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal showed up today to say, “Come with us if you want to live!”
On the plus side, my cat has never been friendlier. He is giving me cuddles for days and it warms my heart that he’s finally found a use for me.

On that note, who wants a hot bath? MEEEEEE!!!!!  The other day, I was at my in-laws so I was fully able to access their bathtub and it was glorious! Secret Santa brought me new life and so much more! Here we go…


Isn’t he so cute? Granted, he was hiding out in a brown bag for a couple weeks, so part of his writing wore off; the bottom right picture should say “29 1/2.”

Hmmm, that’s curious. Why would a bath bomb say 29 1/2? Did 29 1/2 people work hard towards making it? Are there only 29 1/2 of these existing in the entire world?!

It’s actually an address.

The very first LUSH location was opened in Poole, England, at 29 High Street. And because the English are weird, right next door was called 29 1/2 High Street, and that’s where the very first kitchen of LUSH was located. That’s where the magic happened, that’s why people went there because they knew the product they were buying was the very definition of fresh.

AND. I don’t know if you’ve ever been inside of a LUSH store, but if you have, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say this: the scent of LUSH itself is very unique. You walk in that door, take a deep breath, and there’s just this essence you smell that lets you know immediately, yes, this is LUSH. Heck, you can probably smell it when you’re still half a block away from the store! Some people are overwhelmed by it, and some people live for it. They can’t buy anything that day, but they step in for a moment just to take a deep breath and get their fix. And when people pick up Secret Santa to smell it, they often ask, “What is that smell?”

We respond, “It’s everything. The scent is everything.”

And while we are known for our poetic thoughts and inspired innovations, in this case, we’re being quite literal. When you smell Secret Santa, that is the everything that you smell walking into the store. They have made a special perfume that is a beautiful motley crew of everything LUSH has ever made. It’s called 29 High Street. Because that’s its origin story, where the magic came from, where the smell you may or may not live for was born. And get this: 29 High Street the perfume can only be purchased at 29 High Street in Poole, England. Talk about exclusive.

So if you’re in love with that unique smell, and you’ve got to get it into your house, you need to save up your airmiles and take a trip, OR you need to get your little bum to the nearest LUSH location/online website before the Christmas season ends so you can make that happen. It’s just that simple.

Now, it’s called Secret Santa because, well, it carries a few secrets! I’m going to share them with you, as well as admit a confession.

So, Secret Santa can actually be used 3 times, if you want it that way.


“You are…my bath bomb…”

Oh! *ahem* And we’re back to 2013. Sorry.

The Secret Santa can be cracked in half for the pleasure of two soaking experiences, and once you’ve cracked him, you may notice something…


Whoa! It’s literally a SECRET SANTA!!!!! Everything is literal today.

And this Santa, if you hold and dissolve its half correctly, can be saved for yet a THIRD bathing encounter. Hooray!

Here’s my confession: that picture of the Secret Santa…is not mine. I was so.fricken.excited. to get into that hot water, that I completely forgot about cracking it in half and embracing its literal delight. I just dropped the whole darn thing in there.

I killed Santa and I regret (almost) nothing.


Again, we have a heavenly experience of shimmer, sparkle and feet.

As I was soaking in the Santa, I couldn’t help but realize that if Peeta Mellark were to choose a bath bomb, this would probably be it.

After all, his favourite colour is orange. Not bright, but soft, like a sunset. Which is totally what you’re gonna feel like you’re bathing in.


Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much. The mix of jasmine and citrus oils was very relaxing – and although I mentioned that the scent IS modeled after the store itself, the water is very gentle and subtle. I didn’t even have to rinse off the sparkles this time; as you saw, they’re only slightly noticeable in the tub itself. I smelled as fresh as a newborn babe!

To close out this highly informative, secretly scandalous entry, I wanted to share a couple of youtube demos of this bath bomb that I found, that both made me LOL quite literally. (<— and there it is for the third time!!) Mainly because  first one features no talking at all. You are watching a silent film of a dying bath bomb. And the second one because this charming young lady will not close her mouth for one second.

Silently Dying 
(In this video, you will see the bath bomb fizzing and making a graffiti of speckles on the sides of the bath tub. Fear not! I experienced this as well, and was able to wash it off with no problem whatsoever. Relaaaaaax.)

Chatty Kathy Bath Bomb
(Are you not entertained?!)


May your weekend be filled with joy, deep breaths, and peace.

xo Carly


10 thoughts on “On the 2nd day of LUSHmas…

  1. It is so great that you are doing this Carly! Way to advertise some great products! I think you’ve convinced me that I may need to get at least one of these bath bombs for my mom for Christmas. 😉

    And while it isn’t too cold here, in my “hometown” where my dad is right now it is currently -31C, and there is apparently a wind chill warning in effect which means that it could feel like it is as cold as -44C! Needless to say I’m glad I’m not there, hahah.

  2. “It’s really orange, but not, like, yellow orange; it’s a pretty orange, which I like”
    Hah! I’m glad I watched that, against my usual “ignore videos” protocol.
    We had -30 today, windchill took it down to -39. Needless to say, I didn’t go any farther outside than the trash can on my front step.

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