On the 4th day of LUSHmas, the sequel!

Okay, The Voice, you did it. You got my fears, my cheers and my happy tears. Now let’s get this story DONE!

Just a quick recap:


turned into…


with a little help from my friends.

The Curly Wurly.


This is my shampoo. And believe it or not, I’ve already used it 8 times over the past 2 weeks. It’s crazy how full this pot still looks. A little bit goes a long way! Chock full of actual coconut, eggs, lemon juice and avocado oil, Curly Wurly is a rich hair spa of moisture and shine. What I do is scoop about a tablespoon out into my wet palm and then work it into a lather before I even put it into my hair. The first time I tried Curly Wurly, I just put it straight on, and then had the unpleasant task of trying to rinse out bits of coconut that was stuck in my hair. Working it into a lather first actually breaks the coconut down a lot and makes it way easier to enjoy and run through the hair with your fingers.


Here I have a demonstration of the amounts I use each time, and the middle picture shows Curly Wurly after it’s been broken down.

American Cream.


So that 3rd picture in the collage is my conditioner. You can’t really tell here, but I’ve used American Cream approximately 8 times as well, and the level of conditioner remaining is still above the label. That’s what I love about these products – yes, they are pricier than your average Wal-Mart purchase, but the ingredients are super fresh, super good for you, super qualified to be the most valuable ingredients in the world that AREN’T tested on animals, and they last a long time.
I like American Cream a lot, one reason being that it gives me a slightly patriotic feeling that I didn’t even know I had left. My brain automatically thinks “American Dream” when I read it, and yes, it’s always been a dream of mine to have beautiful hair. You’ll know that if you read my previous post! Heheheh.
Another reason I love AC is for how light and fruity it is. Full of fresh strawberries, lavender and honey, it’s a perfect match with Curly Wurly for moisturizing softness. My curls have gone from heavy-laden, coarse and frizzy,  to structured, soft, and a little sassy!


But this life-changing triple threat wouldn’t be complete without the happy ending!If I depended on only my shower time to get the hair I wanted, all it would take is 5 minutes outside, and we’d be back to square one. (Again, this pot has been taken from 8 times, and it looks brand new.)


After I’ve dried my hair a little bit, all I need is this much finishing cream, spread all over my hands and scrunched through my curls, to give them staying power. The “transformation” photo I revealed today was taken after I’d been outside for over an hour, and I STILL had no frizz. Oh, and it was pretty rainy today, so yeah. There’s that.
With R&B, it’s all about the essential oils. Avocado, olive, coconut and jojoba, to be exact. Add some oats, candelilla wax and jasmine – and you’ve got a concoction worth celebrating!


Just in case you need further proof, here is a Before & After to mark the first time I EVER used R&B. (This is before I’d invested in the CW & AC!) This photo was taken 3 weeks ago. My hair is significantly longer, stronger and oh-so-happier already!!!

So after all of this, I’m feeling the slight need to apologize. I have been…*gasp*…a curlist. If you’re a reader with straight hair, then you’re probably feeling pretty left out right now, aren’t you? I have provided nothing that relates to you, nothing that makes you pump your fist and go “YEAH! THAT’S FOR ME!! FINALLY!!!”
For that, I’ll make an appeal to anyone out there with straight hair: if you’re a LUSHIE, and you want your voice to be heard about how your hair went from blah to beautiful, LET ME KNOW! I’m really good at sharing, despite the fact that I was an only child! You can has a blog post too!

Also, I hope that these blog posts aren’t presenting the concept that beauty is all that matters. That’s not where I’m coming from at all. I just want to be healthy, guilt-free, low maintenance and in better charge of my time management. If learning these life lessons brings out natural beauty at the same time, then YAY!!! Just know that you are beautiful no matter which products you have in your bathroom. Like my girl Audrey says, “Happy girls are the prettiest.”

xo Carly

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