On the 5th day of LUSHmas….

…my LUSHIE gave to me…


**I am incredibly excited and proud to present this guest blog post by my best friend Laurie, who blogs over at http://hengilasinn.wordpress.com/   **

When your best friend works at a Lush store, it’s amazing how you are magically inundated with Lush paraphernalia. Constantly. It’s also incredible how often you hear the word “Lush” or “product” or “OMG REVOLUTIONARY”. It’s approximately 356,983 times.

Sooner or later, this inundation of information becomes something else.


And slowly you begin to think you truly cannot LIVE without Lush products.

One day, about 2 weeks before your college graduation, you find yourself and your cracked-out-from-studying-brain walking into a place filled with infinite goodness, light, and warmth. Yes. A Lush store with all its magical beauty. Your best friend has been programming your mind with suggestions of bergamot oil for the last few days. So the first thing you find yourself saying to the sales person is, “I NEED SOMETHING WITH BERGAMOT IN IT!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I NEED TO RELAXXXXXXX!!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!!!”

Oh wait. I mean… “Um… what bath bombs have bergamot oil in them??”

After a thorough tour of bath bombs, something else attracts your eye. Something with a shiny orange beak that is like a flame in the night.



This is not a bath bomb, ladies and gentlemen. No. It is far more… refined… than that. This is an animal filled with bubbly bliss that will transform your bathtub to a serene float above the clouds.


I’m not kidding.

Soon after my visit to the magical store, I decide it’s time for the penguin to show me its lovely Christmas tricks. The Lush website promises it will deliver relaxation after a long, stressful day.

Boy, did it ever.


The scent of bergamot oil and orange flower is not overwhelming. In looking at the lovely blue water and fluffy white bubbles, I felt as if I was sitting in the middle of a cloud, and that’s exactly how it smelled. Light, sweet, and divine. Like I was going to float right up to heaven.

Technically, The Christmas Penguin is a bubble bar, so unlike bath bombs, it creates bubbles. But it also contains sodium bicarbonate, which means it still softens your bath water. My skin felt like Cupid’s bottom afterwards, if that tells you anything about how effective THAT was.

In order to use it, you hold it under the flowing water…


Bye bye, penguin. 😦


This thing created mounds of bubbles that had some great staying power. They were still sticking around 20 minutes later.
Also, I warn you… don’t put the penguin down on the side of your tub, or you will cry from seeing this…



Needless to say, after I gathered up the melted remains of the penguin, scattered them in my bath, then sank into the soft blue water…well, I was on cloud 9. Almost literally. All my stress and worry melted away. School? What did school matter in this heavenly realm? I was above that. I was ENLIGHTENED. I was… a GODDESS. Which is exactly how I always feel after I get out of a Lush bath. Like a goddess. My body feels absolutely beautiful.

All joking aside, this is why I have to recommend Lush.

Every woman deserves to feel completely happy about her body.

Every woman deserves to look at her body and feel like a goddess.

That’s why I am telling you all to go out and invest in this, in yourself. With a Christmas Penguin or otherwise.  So that you, too, can forget for a moment all the things you hate about your body and remember what you love.

We are guided by imagery, so I leave you with this last picture:


Everyone deserves to be this blissed out. And I promise you, being Jedi Mind Tricked into this beauty madness was totally worth it.


I don’t know about ya’ll, but that guest post totally just transported me into…desperately wanting a soak in the tubbie! 🙂

I’m not here to steal Laurie’s thunder – I just have a couple of notes to add!

#1: Unfortunately, since Christmastime is now past, the Christmas Penguin is sold out until next year. But now since you’ve read this blog, you’re totally gonna save up your moolah so you can Speedy Gonzales your butt over to the nearest LUSH store next Christmas, aren’t ya? AREN’T YA?!?!

#2: Laurie was desperate for bergamot oil. Whether or not you realize it, you are probably desperate for bergamot oil too. FOR GOOD REASON. Bergamot is this fantastic essential oil derived from an orange fruit of the same name. It’s also God’s way of reminding you that he loves you and wants you to be happy. BECAUSE. When your sniffer takes in that bergamot essential oil, it travels all the way up to your brain and RELEASES THE SERATONIN! Otherwise known as your body’s depression fighter. Remember that movie Happy Feet, featuring the happiest little damn penguin in the entire world? That’s how YOU’RE going to feel, and all because of a penguin.

#3: The Christmas Penguin is even more wonderful when paired up with the bath bomb Sakura. I felt surrounded by cherry blossoms and happiness.

#4: These bubbles DO have a crazy staying power. I cheated a little, in the best way possible. When the water started getting colder, I was not ready to leave. So I emptied the bath out a bit, and turned on the hot water again. That hot action brought forth even MOAR BUBBLES.

Things that my family did while I bathed:

My husband built an entire lego set.

My mother-in-law knitted an entire baby hat for a doll.

My sister-in-law made almost an entire gingerbread house village.

And my father-in-law watched all of Die Hard 4.


Thank you, Christmas Penguin. You will not soon be forgotten.

xo Carly & Laurie xo


7 thoughts on “On the 5th day of LUSHmas….

  1. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious. That penguin looks like a victim of a violent crime just chilling on the side of the tub all squashed and dissolved like that. This made me want a soak in the bath, terribly so. I have two bathrooms that have only showers– its criminal. Okay, lushy penguin officially on the want list for Xmas 2014.

    • OMG it’s Aussa Lorens commenting on my blog!!!!!

      Okay. I’m cool.

      Welcome! 🙂

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the murder of a lushy penguin! My best friend Laurie wrote most of it as a guest post in a series I’ve been working on about Lush! I worked there this Christmas season as a holiday hire and it was FUUUN! If you go back a few posts, I’ve written some previous “days of lushmas” 🙂

      Also, ever since I saw you featured on the Hook, I’ve been enjoying myself immensely catching up on a few of your ridiculously awesome stories! Thank you for your existence!

      • “Murder of a lushy penguin” haha! I don’t think I’ll forget the way he looked sitting there… ever. March of the Penguins already convinced me that the saddest most unlucky creatures of all time are penguins and you just added to that realization 😉

        And– thanks for going back and reading all the past stories!

    • It was a victim of crime… I committed violent, lushy (mushy?) murder. Although I’m with you, the sight of that penguin on the side of my bathtub melting into obscurity will definitely stay with me forever.
      Even if it’s just staying with me as sodium bicarbonate softening of my skin… which is probably the best remembrance of him that could have happened. I need to re-create the entire scenario so he is completely immortalized… yet another reason to go buy another penguin. (Shhh… keep it to yourself that I’m the one committing all the recent penguin murders…)

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