On the 6th day of LUSHmas…

…my LUSHIE gave to me…


I’ll be honest, I’ve never been much of a make-up person. Actually, I’ve never been much of a “anything that LUSH sells” kind of person, which lends credit to the fact that I’ve immensely enjoyed everything I tried while working there. (Yes, that should be read as a past tense. Sadly, after mentally wrestling for a week or so, I decided not to re-apply to Robson Street. I am so not a commute-er, and that’s okay for me to admit. But if they open a shop in Langley, I’ll be on that like a Mexican on a churro.)


I’d *probably* still eat it.

So now that I’ve got all of us thinking about churros like a jerk, let’s talk about make-up.

I don’t do it very often.

It’s a fine-line combination of being mostly content with how I look + being horribly lazy + being artistically challenged.


Me, left to my own devices. Love you, Catherine!


“The way you make me feel…”



If you went into LUSH today, and you hadn’t been in for 2 years or so, it would look very different from what you remember. LUSH likes to evolve and grow, all the while staying true to their original manifesto of unique and clean products.

A newer thing you might notice is a little something they call



And here’s how it works.

Do you remember the sorta-French movie Chocolat?

If you don't, I may have to re-evaluate our friendship.

If you don’t, I may have to re-evaluate our friendship.










So, Vianne (the Duchess of all things beautiful, pictured above) opens a chocolate shop in a tiny little French town that is very strict on tradition. Normally, this might not be a problem, except that she opens it just before Lent – a time where everyone gives up some sort of pleasure, including chocolate. She doesn’t go to church, she has a daughter and she doesn’t know who the father is, she likes to wear red high heels on Sundays…she is just not okay to these people. But those who are more curious come into the chocolaterie, and they are treated to a truly magical experience, beginning with the wheel.

Made of ancient Mayan art, Vianne spins it and asks, “What do you see?”

The answers vary. Some see darkness and violence; others see a romantic scene or something that makes them happy. From that imagery, Vianne chooses what their favourite chocolate must be, and she’s usually always right. She is a chocolate wizard.

Welcome to our version of that.

Welcome to our version of that.








You enter a LUSH shop. You notice this fairly new display called Emotional Brilliance. What’s this, you wonder? And someone like me would say to you…

It’s a make-up line inspired by colour therapy, designed by our very own “wizards”, here to help find the right colour for you.
In our culture, we use colour therapy more than we think. When we see purple, we have an automatic association to royalty. Green with growth – blue with comfort – red with passion – white with purity – black with evil, and more.
Close your eyes. When this colour wheel spins, they will all blend together.
Open your eyes.  As it slows down, you’ll start to be able to identify different ones again.
We want you to pick three of them, not your favourites – just the ones that stand out to you, against all the other options.
As you tell me which ones you want, I’m going to pull out those three colour discs. Each one has a word underneath it, and you don’t know what it is. But, one at a time, I will reveal them in the order you chose them and I’ll tell you what they mean.

1.) This could be a strength or weakness you perceive yourself as having. For example, quite often, I find myself choosing Power (without force). To one person, this might be a strength. For me, it could be a weakness, especially if it’s WITH force. If I were to put this colour on before I started my day, it would remind me to be influential yet humbly in servitude to others around me.

2.) Your second colour can indicate your subconscious, something your soul is telling you that you need. This afternoon, I chose Healthy. To me, this is perfectly all right. I would like to remain healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in the days that approach. However, we have had one case of a woman who actually started weeping in the store because she chose Healthy, and just recently, she had been given a remission from cancer. Words are a powerful emotion.

3.) This is what you might aspire to be. A quality or a goal you want to meet in your personal life, or at work, or even just in yourself. Right now, my third colour is Charm. I tend to use humour as a coping mechanism, and somewhere along the way, I’ve developed a twinkle in my eye and a unique perspective. Therefore, a lot of people have called me charming, even when they weren’t in the mood to be charmed! This is a quality I enjoy having, so I’m going to keep charming the heck out of you! *bats eyelashes*

Click on le pics to zoom in on my modeling skillz!

2013-12-27 13.27.30

Getting a make-over at work every day? That’s pretty neat!

2013-12-27 13.28.34

On my eyes, I am trying on some Success! It’s a very subtle silver glitter, and unfortunately, it couldn’t alleviate my resemblance to a bruised chipmunk here. *why*

2013-12-27 13.27.45

So LUSH-ious and kissable! That’s the power of Believe, an amazing lip colour that stays on throughout the day, keeping that pucker moist and soft. Come at me, boys 😉 Wait, no, don’t. I have a husband. *you can look, but ya can’t touch.*




















^^^ this link will take you to an online colour wheel that you can spin for yourself! It’s even been developed into an app. Why? Because your “results” might be different every day. You are a deep and complex person; your thoughts and needs and emotions can do a complete 180 from what they were an hour ago! (Also, check out this link http://www.lush.ca/Emotional-Brilliance/emotional-brilliance,en_CA,sc.html for even more great make-up, or “Word Up!” choices!)

After you spin the wheel, it might not change your world. It might just be a fun game, or it might speak to you, after all. Either way, our goal is to inspire you. So often when we apply make-up before heading out to our day, it’s because we feel that this is how we are accepted. We don’t want to scare people with our morning face, right? But I wonder how differently our day would go if we stepped out, not with the goal to be beautiful or put together or rich or perfect – but to be calm, wise, healthy, passionate, independent and happy? As one of LUSH’s founders, Mark Constantine, said,

“We’re not going to save the world with it, but it is still going to give some people incredible strength.”

That’s good enough for me.

2013-12-27 13.28.03

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