On the 7th most fantastically mediocre and salty day of LUSHmas…

Well, it’s January 6th. The 12th day of Christmas, according to most calendars, and here I am preparing to blog about my 7th LUSH day…and also my last LUSH day. I could have given up at #6 with Emotional Brilliance, and congratulated myself for making it halfway. But I think ya’ll deserve better than that. I will not quit until I’ve given you a whopping 58% of a blog series.


And that’s a promise I’m willing to test.

Besides, 7 is apparently the perfect number, right? So let’s put this baby to bed smelling good!

“The cure for everything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” (Isak Dinesen)

And in this shower scrub, LUSH has really taken that anecdote to heart.


Perhaps you’ve heard of it. *adjusts hipster glasses*

Ocean Salt is literally the top-selling product in all of the LUSH stores anywhere in the world. And best of all, when you first open the pot, it looks like Walter White made it for you. (You’ll wanna give it a little stir.)



Okay, okay. That’s not the BEST part. That’s still to come.

When you’re in the shop, this is the most likely product to get demo’d on you.

Never been demo’d? Never knew LUSH did demos?

Well, at Robson Street, we’re so bringing demos back.


Tom Hiddleston does a victory dance for you.

Imagine with me…you’ve been downtown all day. Maybe working, maybe shopping, maybe gallivanting – whatever it is, even if you’re having the greatest time of your life, it’s going to take a spiral. Downtown Vancouver could be compared to white sugar – you’re cruisin’, you’re feelin’ good like James Brown knew you would, and then a few hours later, you just want to sleep.

The thought of going into one more store might send you over the edge, but trust me, you wanna go in. LUSH is one of the only stores I know of will not only tell you about what they offer, but show you what they offer, pamper you with what they offer, and let you sample to take home what they offer.


Blogs are automatically made better with minions.

On my first day of work, I had the unexpected pleasure of seeing some dear friends from my hometown of Smithers. They wanted to say hi and congratulate me on my pimpin’ new digs, but they got so much more than that. It started out pretty much against their will, but by the end, they couldn’t stop touching their hands and they were walking out the door with tiny samples hidden in their manly pockets.


And now they know…the power of the demo.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, everything in LUSH is handmade, with as many local ingredients as possible. With Ocean Salt, you can’t get much more local OR fresh. The salt is taken from our little corner of the Pacific Ocean, and then it’s run through the filtering system of the Vancouver Aquarium for a spell. Doing so not only gives this product an incredible “right-next-door” feeling, but it softens the harshness of the salt. So your body (and I do mean literally your entire body [including your FACE!] because that’s what this scrub is for!) is going to be exfoliated a little more gently than normal.

ImageNext, they’ve thrown in a delicious combination of lime juice, vodka, avocado and coconut to seal the deal. The first two cleanse and brighten your newly exfoliated skin. The second two soften, soften, soften. So basically, in the course of one average shower experience (20 minutes if you have a normal hot water tank, 7 minutes if you have MY hot water tank), you’ve completed three very important rituals on your skin, in one product, in one step. Even the hard-to-soften places like your elbows and feet will be thanking you!


“Holy boobies, I feel amazing!”

All it takes is a little handful, twice a week, in your shower – and you will survive this winter, I promise.

Well, peeps, it’s been a slice. I hope that these past weeks have been relaxing, entertaining, colourful and altogether LUSH-ious. Stay kind, stay beautiful – inside and out.

xo Carly

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