How Frozen Changed My Life (And Made Me Jealous)

The other night, I got an email from one of my former roommates/regular partners in crime, asking if she could make a !!!GUEST BLOG POST!!! because she had something she really wanted to say.

Her name is Natalie. She’s awesome. Nay, stellar. In fact, she’s the coolest Natalie I know, second only to Natalie Portman. (Who I don’t actually know…so…thanks for bringing that up! Ugh.)
I’ve always known Natalie to be a fairly “inside voice” operator. You’ll think that you know what she’s thinking, but really, she’s just letting you think that. And then, when you’re least expecting it, BAM! She lays all her cards on the table and squeezes your heart into a little ball with all the emotions. She might sing you a little song she wrote or introduce you to The Hunger Games novels and Tangled and Once Upon a Time, or give you a Christmas card poem that she wrote herself or make you a huge bowl of Kraft Dinner and “walk” it for you to the bus stop when you fail to organize your time efficiently enough to eat something before you rush to work.


And today, I’m excited to share her thoughts and revelations that were collected towards God and her sister after she watched Frozen.

BRB, crying. Again.

A Jealous Love by Natalie W.

So I know I’m probably a little bit behind the times when it comes to the revelation that is the movie Frozen. I just saw it a week and half ago, and since then, have had some time to think about it and process it.

There is no doubt in my mind that Frozen is an amazing movie, with charming characters, and songs that make you smile while feeling a huge range of emotions all at the same time. I enjoyed it immensely, and as an older sister, I felt like I could relate to both Anna and Elsa because of their struggles with their feelings towards themselves and each other.

I could completely comprehend Elsa’s desire to protect Anna, even if it meant pushing her away, especially after their shared childhood incident.
Yet, at the same time, I identified with Anna and her need to know her sister, to simply “be” with her – all the while, wondering if Elsa still felt the same way.

These are all the things I have felt with my own sister, and I understand how, at times, sisterly love can be both confusing and amazing. It is a lot to contemplate, and that is exactly what I was doing recently after listening to the soundtrack again. These thoughts about relationships and sisterhood aren’t exactly new or significant for me, but little did I know that somewhere underneath all of this contemplation, something was stirring.

It’s funny, sometimes, when and where things choose to happen that just completely break you down. In this case, I was making toast.

I stood in my dimly lit kitchen, listening to TV chatter, while thinking about Anna and Elsa’s relationship and comparing it to my own life. I’ve always had a protective (and often jealous) nature over the people in my life that I really care about, the most significant person being my younger sister. We are not that far apart in age (almost exactly a year and a half), and because she has been in my life for almost its entirety, I have always considered her to be one of the closest to me – and yet somehow, also the farthest at times.

If you know anything about sisters, you’ll probably agree with me when I say that sisterly love is, in all truth, a fairly irrational love. We see each other at our worst, our best, and everything in between – and yet, over all of that time, still choose to love each other.

ImageI don’t know if it’s because of that nature, or blood-ties, or my simple desire to be close to someone, but the truth is that I love my sister fiercely, and I know that I would do anything in my power to protect her. And while I realize that this kind of love might seem a bit over-the-top to some and maybe even downright incomprehensible to others – if there’s one thing you can trust me on, it’s that it is there and it is real.

So there I was, in my kitchen, wondering about this crazy love that means being a sister, and I had a thought:

There is no comparable love that I can think of, to the love that I have for her.

And right after that thought, I had a moment. One of those realizations that hits you like a tidal wave, that you know can only come from God. It went a little something like this:

“Do you see and feel that amazing love for your sister? Well, that is NOTHING compared to the love that I have for YOU.”

It was a revelation. I experienced a part of God that I had not thought about or believed in for a long time. And in the REALNESS of that moment, in knowing the raw honesty of the love I have for my sister, I was brought to tears by the love I know God has for me.


The jealous, protective, unconditional love that is only possible through amazing grace.

And the fact is, to deny Jesus’ love would be like denying the love that I have for my sister, my family, and my friends. I can’t imagine mine ever changing, so how could His ever change? This jealous love is everlasting.


Carly’s Thoughts:

I love Frozen for all of these reasons mentioned above, and more. I love God for using our own family bonds to help us relate to how he cares about us – or, if we have no family bonds, to give us new, unbreakable ones! And I love Natalie, who was brave enough to open her heart and share this with me.

And maybe you’re confused at what appears to be a contradictory idea: God is Love, and Love is not Jealous, so how can God be Jealous? But if you look back through AAAAALLLLL THE TRANSLATIONS into the original Hebrew (which, perhaps, we all should do anyway?), we find that there are two kinds of jealousy: the kind that leads to anger and violence and broken relationships, which we tend to associate with any mention of the word “jealousy” in our culture – and the kind that is expressed when something/someone you are devoted to is hurt or compromised or unprotected in any way. This someone/something belongs to you, and you’ll be damned if anything happens to them on your watch. Think of anything you’ve ever created, from a Lego house to cupcakes to a novel to a baby. And now…

“Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I’m talking about.” (Meet Joe Black)

That’s God, and that’s you, baby. Take it in. And then use it. To love and protect the oppressed, the bullied, the outsiders, the poor, the widow, the orphan, and your family, whether they feel the same way about you or not. Cause Love isn’t Love until you give it away, right? For free, with no guarantee of its return. And for Pete’s sake, throw that dirty Prince Hans on a boat and sail him away! Your kingdom don’t have time for that.



All the warm hugs,

Carly & Natalie





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