Behbeh Love, Part 1

As you might be aware, Father’s Day has always been rather…unpleasant for this lady. Last year was all right because, for the first time, I had someone to call “Dad”. Someone to hug, give a gift to, and spend the day actually not thinking about my real dad.

My hobbit-y little F.I.L.

My hobbit-y little fatha-in-law

This year, however, everything changed. My husband, Mr. Steve, found out that he’s going to be a father. Β 

2014-06-14 09.42.25-1

That plus sign is no joke.

The recently downloaded BabyBump app on my phone has encouraged me to start a Pregnancy Diary, “even if you can only write down a couple sentences a day.”

Clearly, my technology hasn’t been stalking me nearly enough, or else they’d already KNOW that not only do I NOT need encouragement to start a Diary about my Pregnancy, but that I have a thousand things to say about it already. A couple sentences my steadily expanding ass.

First things first. How it happened. Well, one night, Steve and I felt a little frisky and before you know it– JUST KIDDING. Here’s how it really happened.

I was 4 days late. And I only knew this because I have ANOTHER app that helps me keep track of this banal and depressing information.

Looking at App on a Normal Day: Oh yay, 5 days of freedom and joy left, wooooo.
Looking at App A Couple Weeks Ago: Hmm. Strange?

We are one of those couples who is VERY attuned to my cycle, and prepare to batten down the hatches on a regular basis. We have no idea how those “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” people exist.

So we decided that I would take a home test on Father’s Day. We had some leftover from a bulk Costco purchase, because– like I said — we’re a little jumpy.

Verbally, we had decided on my taking the test the morning of Father’s Day Sunday, before we went to church.

Saturday morning, I took the test without telling Steve. Partially because I was 90% sure I was going to get a positive and I wouldn’t be able to focus in church AT ALL with that fresh information – but the other 10% just wanted to get on with my life if it was a negative.

I’ve taken at-home tests before. I’m used to peeing all over it and my hand, and then waiting 3 minutes for the result to appear in the window.

However, this time, from the very SECOND the stick got wet, it turned into a plus sign. I had three thoughts: either I had peed on it wrong, or it was old and faulty, or I was SO SO SO SO VERY OBVIOUSLY WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT having a baby.

After washing my hands, I texted Emily, my friend and nurse who had her first baby last summer. She reassured me that I was indeed pregnant, and that she was so excited for me.

Me: Wow! Okay! I guess I should tell Steve! This is crazy!
Emily: WHAT? You told ME before you told STEVE?!
Me: Well, I wanted to be SURE before I completely change his life! He’s still sleeping!
Emily: Well, wake him up right NOW!!!

So, with surprisingly sure steps, I clutched the pregnancy test in my hand and climbed back into bed, sandwiching Steve between myself and Walter the Cat. I was sure he would feel my heart pumping out of my chest as I spooned up against him.

Apparently, both Walter and I were pretty fidgety, because after a few minutes, Steve very sleepily mumbled, “It’s Saturday morning, my only morning to sleep in, and my two little ones are keepin’ me awake…”

He’d practically opened the door for me.

I pulled the pregnancy test out, and said, “Actually, you have three little ones now.”

To be continued…

Part Two

27 thoughts on “Behbeh Love, Part 1

  1. How thoughtful of Steve to say EXACTLY the right thing at EXACTLY the right time so the rest of us boring people can revel in and enjoy the sweetness and joy that is the two (now three!) of you! So, so very happy for you, Carly!

  2. I love it. I love that you had to be sure. I took my first positive test on Mother’s Day. The second time, I too had to wake up my husband to tell him, and then we sat in silence. After a huge struggle to get pregnant with baby #1, baby #2 was a big unexpected surprise. She still is. Every.Single.Day. Congrats!!

    • Happy happy joy joy I love YOU Jennie! (I’m sorry, but I’m gonna be honest and say that I “heard” myself write that, and Forrest Gump’s voice came out. Again, I’m sorry.)

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  4. Awh. Three little ones. Hah! That’s too cute. πŸ™‚ I love “how I told my partner” stories. So fun!

    On the “pregnancy diary” front? I totally agree, especially with the “couple sentences a day” thing, because some days you’re like “uhmmm…morning sickness. Soda crackers it is!” and that’s that. Anyway! I would totally recommend one of those “One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book” kind of things. I didn’t do it with pregnancy (but I will if/when I get knocked up again), but I did start one for The Dude a few months back (point: he’s almost eleven months. I missed a lot. But better late than never) and it’s fun. There are only a few lines for each day, so there’s no pressure to write a tome. I think it’ll be a neat memory keeper for me and maybe him, if he wants it when he’s older.

    …and then I just read your “this will not be a problem, and I refuse to be limited to a few measly sentences.” HAH! I need to be less excited about things and actually read to completion before I start yammering. πŸ˜‰

    • Hahaha! Good to hear from you, Kim! Hopefully my posts will show up in your feed in order from now on so that all the stories make sense! πŸ™‚ I am hoping hoping hoping for a part 3 in this story! πŸ™‚

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