Pharrell Knows What’s Up

Because I do indeed feel like a room without a roof. I never understood this lyric until now.

1. It’s Friday.
2. It’s payday.
3. Normally I hate November for its dead and grey state, but actually this month has been a beauty so far.





4. Halloween was a fantastic celebration, and I didn’t even get any candy. Our town/my church put on a little carnival at the end of Main Street, with games and dance parties, ending the night with E.T. in the square. Steve and I made popcorn and danced our Sesame Street butts off for probably two hours.


Such a refreshing change from my childhood of dressing up as an obscure Bible character in my church basement for “Harvest Parties.”

5. I have seen fireworks.


After Halloween ended, we were driving home and caught these exploding relentlessly into the night. We pulled over into a parking lot to watch them because it was distractingly beautiful. Steve leaned against his truck hood with his arms wrapped around me from behind, and for the next few moments, I felt like we were teenagers again.

Also the marquee for the store we were parked next to was advertising fireworks and the resulting picture brought me joy.

6. My dog and I have taken our love to the next level: sleeping together.


If this is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

7. I had my first eggnog latte of the season from Starbucks, for 2 reasons.

A.) The asshat who fired me last year was forced out and no longer manages the local Safeway, huzzah!
B.) I’d heard some disturbing rumors that Starbucks had taken a note from Alan Rickman in Prince of Thieves, canceling Christmas to make the peasants think about their lives and their choices.


But after a roller coaster of emotions, I’ve determined that Now All Is Well. Nowal. Noel, noel…

8. I’ve been doing so well in my job, I got promoted. For 10 days.

My bosses are partying at a wedding in Punta Cana, and I guess I’m the only other adult here. 


I ordered groceries online for the first time yesterday. I wrote paychecks today. It’s a whole new world up here.


As you can see, I’m taking my position very seriously.

9. Our house is starting to feel more and more like home with each box we unpack. As a child of gypsy wanderings, fighting for HOME has been important to me.

We started a man cave for Steve the other day, and it’s going to be pretty epic. I also found boxes of my childhood books; some I’m thrilled I saved for future generations, some I’m definitely considering burning.

The Boxcar children and Little House on the Prairie and The Chronicles of Narnia are *so* staying; all my cheesy AF Christian romance novels not so much. They have done me no favors in expectations for real life relationships, I’m sorry to say. And I’d rather my daughters avoid them as well.

Steve’s not as much of a book person, which is fine, but his glee at having a stack of Garfield books next to the toilet is pretty cute.

10. These exist.


The 2nd annual Hutton Christmas Gingerbread Construction Contest is going to be a nail-biter this year, friends.

What makes you feel like dancing to Pharrell right now? I believe in the ripple effect, so let’s get some happies shared!


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