The Day the TV Died

For the last 8 years, my husband has owned and operated the biggest TV I’ve ever seen.

It’s 46 inches, so I know I’m playing an amateur’s game, but it’s big to me, okay?

And the other night, it refused to turn on.

We didn’t panic. It probably just needed  an unplug it/plug it back in combination.


It’s fine, everything’s fine.

An hour later, we came to the undeniable conclusion that this TV had gone to the Big Plug In The Sky.

I mean, the last thing it saw was Matthew McConaughey, so can you really blame it a damn bit?


So now, we have no way to watch DVDs or play video games, which takes up half of our marriage. A marriage expert might say this was an opportunity for us to *really* dig deep, get to know each other with some real conversation.

So we gathered some chairs in front of the fireplace and settled in for a cozy night of…

Watching VHS movies from the last 3 decades.


And it was actually pretty delightful. This TV is so old that it curves at the edges, with more grains than a Harvest Bread. Just like my childhood.

And yes, we stacked it on top of a mini fridge. That’s called saving time.

We had so much fun that we decided we would go through our small collection of VHS tapes until we figure out what to do with the flat screen.

And thus was born a new blog series.

We started off our new marathon with



Featuring Patrick Swayze (RIP 💔), Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, and someone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


This movie is nutters. It’s from 1991, and I’ve heard they’re remaking it, which is a terrible idea. This movie is too classic. Gary Busey hadn’t quite morphed into Nick Nolte yet, and there’s no way you’re gonna find another Patrick Swayze.

And Keanu? Well, with a cool name like Keanu, you don’t even have to worry about being a good actor, they’ll just hire you anyway.

The rundown is this: Keanu is a failed-football-player-turned-FBI-agent in LA. His partner is Gary Nolte and they are hot on the trail of The Ex-Presidents, a gang of bank robbers that can’t be caught.

Nick Busey figures that they are surfers, so Keanu goes undercover to live at the beach all day. Which is lucky, because he doesn’t even have to change his voice at all, dude.

He meets Lori Petty (who can teach me how to surf anytime, please), and a pro named Bodhi, who has the hair of a majestic lion and the body of that guy from Dirty Dancing.


They all become pals, living it up dangerously, adrenaline junkies through and through.


But one has to ask – how can they afford such an opulent lifestyle? The answer may surprise you.

What may also surprise you is the fact that Garey here bought 3 sub sandwiches and 2 lemonades for only $7.84.


Take me back to that day.

Next up, I’ll be telling you about an unparalleled time in 1983 when John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John reunite. And this time, they not only save true love and look hot – they save the world.



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