…maybe it’s PPD

Earlier today, I posted my very first Facebook Live video. For some reason, I decided to make it light and fluffy by asking people to tell me their stories of Post Partum Depression – or PPD.

The response I got was…immense. 

Sometimes I feel like God’s sole purpose of putting me on earth is to ask the hard, awkward questions – because out of 7 billion people planet wide, I cannot be the only person who thinks/feels/wonders about certain things? And maybe if I just sack up and take one for the team, then maybe others will feel like it’s okay for them to talk about it too? 

The thing is, I’m not sure if I have PPD. I wouldn’t blame or shame myself if I did. If you’ve followed me at all in the last couple of years, you’ll know that pregnancy and birth and motherhood has kind of done a number on me. 

But maybe it’s just the circumstances we’ve found ourselves in. So if I just list off all the pinballs that are bouncing around in my brain, maybe I’ll win the game instead of dropping like it’s hot. 


It’s the middle of February and I have never done well in winter to start. I need sunshine and blue skies and lake days and smelling like campfire smoke to really thrive as a person. 

So why would I question my well-being when I’m basically trapped indoors with a helpless creature who would probably burst into flames if exposed to the sun longer than 5 minutes?

I’m talking about the baby, not my husband. *ba dump chh*


I’ve never been a sleep-till-noon sort of person but I truly fire on all cylinders when I’ve had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. And being a mom is not like your teen years where you babysat for 6 hours, then spent your money at the 7-11 and video store (oh I am soooo dating myself right now) so you could stay up til 3am with your girlfriends, and then be *so tired* the next day but it was fine because you could settle the sleep score the next night. 


This is sleeping two hours, being awake for an hour, sleeping maybe another 2 hours etc FOR MONTHS. There’s a reason why they use sleep deprivation as a torture device, friends. IT SHITS ON YOUR BRAIN. 

Stuff I’ve known my whole life is now living in that deep chasm from Inside Out, full of colored memory marbles that are slowly becoming dust. 

And all the new stuff I know, the stuff I do every day, starts to run like cookies in the oven that were put too close together. The thing I did 5 minutes ago was actually 5 days ago.

Last night, I forgot to medicate my son. He went a whole 16 hours without the medicine that literally helps his heart not beat too fast. Because I’ve done it approximately 360 times, right, so why would last night be any different? But there it was this morning, an already-full syringe that should have been coursing through Harrison’s blood stream for the last 8 hours. 

And also? *straps on a megaphone*


My words echoed because I was standing on the edge of my Inside Out chasm. 

On that note…


 In those precious hours where sleep does come, your thoughts might occasionally dance on your shit-for-brains and proceed to make a Jackson Pollack on the walls of your subconscious. 

I have had dreams where my baby is dead. SIDS, drowning, heart failure, I could go on. 

I have had dreams where the hospital doctors decided he wasn’t thriving with us, so they took him away to live with better parents. 

I have had dreams where he never gets here because I’m having another miscarriage. 

I’ve had dreams where he never talks or laughs or plays because he is destined to be a baby FOREVER and I think it’s our fault for calling ourselves The Buttons. 

I f*cking hate dreaming. 

The World Sitch

As an adult that was raised in a lot of end-of-days theologies I’ve had to toss out to maintain my sanity, I’m feeling pretty damn triggered lately. 

So much shit that I was taught to keep an eye out for is actually happening now. I don’t care what your worldview or political affiliations are, you have to admit that every morning brings a new shitshow to read about or watch on the news. 

So? You say. Just ignore all of that. It’s so negative and you can’t trust what you read/hear anyway. 

That’s part of the problem. I feel like I have two choices: feel shitty about bringing a child into the shitty world all the time, or be ignorant, uninformed, and ultimately unable to make the world a better place in my corner of it. I don’t want to block my senses, singing LALALA, IF I CAN’T SEE YOU, YOU CAN’T SEE ME. 

I want to care, and to me that means not letting my privilege make me selective in what I care about.
Being what kids these days call WOKE feels impossible when a mama just wants to sleep. 

The Future

Que sera sera, and all that. I have no control over any of it. I just know that it’s going to be different than what I thought. 

Right now, my husband is mostly unemployed and soul-searching. Maybe he’ll morph into a stay-at-home dad. Forever, my son has Noonan’s syndrome. Maybe he’ll grow up accepted for who he is, where he’s at, and maybe he won’t. A few years from now, we’d like to take our family to Disneyland, or maybe it’ll all be underwater. 

So? Am I suffering from PPD? I still don’t know. As someone brilliant once said, “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not, in fact, surrounded by assholes.” 

Or sleep deprivation, or World War 3. You know, those old nuggets. I guess time and sunshine will tell. 


13 thoughts on “…maybe it’s PPD

    • I think Carly does a beautiful job of stringing words together. She has a way with words that always holds my attention, rapt and well cared for. That said, I do firmly believe there is a time and place (or many times and many places) for a well placed curse. (So this is just me offering my $0.02 support for Carly’s writing style and bitchin’ vocabulary.)

  1. Well…I can’t diagnose PPD…but I can tell you your inner life sounds pretty much the same as mine. So you can inwardly judge how crazy that may or may not make you. This Mom stuff is no picnic. There are dreams you leave behind…there’s a whole remaking of your goals & identity. It’d be weird if you just slid blissfully into this stage of life that disrupts your body, mind & spirit in every way. Take care of yourself as best you can. Draw closer to God. He’s the only one who can control this great unknown future & sustain you through it whether that’s just a family case of the flu or WWIII. Either way He’s got you. Spend time with the people who can pray over you & remind you of that. On the days I get by it’s ’cause I start them on my knees, hands raised in surrender saying: “I cannot control any of this stuff God – please take it all.” It drains the shame out of me as I feel God nurturing me the way I try to nurture my kids (only better).

    • I can only hope to one day soon embrace the motherhood of ONE boy with the grace you’ve embraced FOUR boys. I’ve always admired your patience and resilience. I know it may not always feel like it behind the scenes in your heart, but those boys are blessed to have you! (At least, if you’re the Debra I think you are! 😉)

  2. Oh woman. You make my heart sing. Your struggles do not, but that you share them, embrace them, allow them and honour them. That does. Your life is real and that’s important. Whether it’s PPD or just life being particularly life-y, you’re writing. For you, that might be a helpful way to sort through things and, well, deal. For someone else, this is “thank fuck. I’m not The Only One.” (TONNES of responsibility, but it’s reality.)

    You’re just so important, lady. My life is so lucky to have you in it. I am always so awe-struck by what you write, how you see the world, how accepting and steadfast and strong and wise you are. I am very thankful that I am allowed to stand by you in any way.

  3. You describe this new mommy time so perfectly I think I got an eye tick reading it. hahaha OH MY GOD IT’S SO FUCKING HARD. (yeah, I said fucking, because it’s not darn-tootin hard, or gosh-dang hard IT’S FUCKING HARD and curse words don’t make or break Christians, btw, but I digress) Carly, I’m grateful you share your life in this space. I wish I’d had blogging when I was a new mother. I think I even wrote about that once! The camaraderie and solidarity is infinitely helpful BUT it doesn’t make it less challenging. Just know what you’re going through and feeling is So. Normal.

    Could it be a touch of PPD? Sure, it could. Be mindful of how long you’re in a low with no break. Always know your friends are here if you need us! Reach out to your doctor if you feel the weight of depression is suffocating you. Be kind to yourself. You’ve got this! You’re an amazing momma! And hey, by the way, it DOES get easier. *hugs*

      • Oh my gosh, yes! It is NOT cotton-pickin’ hard at all. 😉 And if we can’t be honest about that, then what are we even doing this for? I’m sorry you didn’t have blogging when you were first a mum. But I’m super thankful you are here now.

  4. ❤❤❤ motherhood is hard. You’re doing fine. You’re wading through the shit. And that’s going to seem impossible some days. You’re going to forget stuff. You’re going to fuck up. You might have PDD. You might also be doing the lonleiest, soul crushing, self doubt inducing, challenging, badassest job in the entire world. You’re experiencing what all mom’s do. Even if most can’t admit it. You’re doing great. He’s lucky to have you. Armor up, warrior. You’re in this. And you’ve got this. And also, fuck people who bring you down. They will continue to pull until you finally turn around and kick them in the face. Because they’re beneath you. And they always will be.

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