Steve the Lean & Mean Marine…McQueen!!!

I’m gonna be honest, the past 2 days haven’t been so great. My body has once again been battling a UTI; not that you needed to know that on its own! But I thought you’d be proud that I, instead of waiting a week for it to heal and ending up in the ER like I did last time, went straight to the walk-in clinic and paid $53 for two different kinds of antibiotics that are hopefully bacteria butt-kickers before the week is out.

And of course, as it MORE OFTEN THAN NOT SEEMS TO OCCUR, my time of the month ALSO arrived today, bringing to mind this brutally accurate statement:


Husband knows I’m lying.

My face. All of the time.

I think you get the idea.

So when Steve came home from work today, I had already been planted on the couch for an uncertain amount of hours, and I was not interested in stopping.

Steve: “I’m gonna take a shower. You okay?”

Zombie Me: “Yep. Go ahead.”

About half an hour later, I realize that I’ve never actually heard any water running.

No. All I’ve heard is the occasional *bzzzzz* *bzzzz* *bzzzzz*

It didn’t register in my brain that something might actually be going on, other than a shower.

Which basically means that when I’m having an “off day” in the future and my 4-year-old gets some brilliant idea involving glue, scissors and nudity…

I might not get on that right away.

Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and Steve comes out with only half the amount of hair he had when he entered the bathroom. HALF.

I lol’d pretty hard, friends.

“I was bored! And wanted to make your day better! Can you help me?”

I nearly choked. CAN I HELP YOU. I, the one with NO depth perception, NO artistic tendencies in the realm of hair…or make-up…or general beauty?

The first and last time I cut a boy’s hair, we broke up a month later.

But unfortunately, when it comes to pure, unadulterated opportunity, the 5-year-old Barbie Killer in me can’t resist.Image
So I did this.

And this.

And maybe took a video. Which I will figure out how to post later.

Then somehow, we got to the point where we said, “SCREW IT!!” and turned Steve into a Marine.


Now all that’s left is accessorizing.





We’re still working on it. 😉

Ahhh, the lengths a man will go to so his wife feels better. Chivalry still lives!