13 Inappropriate Status Updates I’ve Wanted To Make Since I Got Pregnant

Oh, good. Another blog post about pregnancy. This should be informative, fun, cutesy, non-judgy and—*retches into nearest garbage can*.

Oh, sorry, that wasn’t about the topic – that’s just my life now. Any conversation I have from now until September is 90% likely to be interrupted by me retching into the nearest garbage can.

Cause I got knooooockedddd upppp hawrrrrd. 


Two hours into my shift and I'm ready to go home. I am the weakest link.

It was really difficult for an oversharer like me to achieve but Steve and I decided to keep this news fairly on the down low this time around until it was impossible for a photo of me to be shared without cropping half of me out. We wanted to make sure that everything was okay first, as if we are going to have control over a concept like *that* ever again.

And now, unfortunately for y’all, I have a serious backlog in my brain (and phone) of everything I’ve wanted to say since the day I found out I was pregnant again.

1. “This pregnancy test better not be f*cking with me.”

2. “Oh shit, this is actually happening. I should probably find a doctor or a midwife. And tell my husband. In that order? Will he be less panicky if I say I already have a care provider ready to go, or will he want to do that together? Yes.”

3. “Wow, I’ve made it 6 whole weeks, and I feel great! But that’s bad. I should probably be sick, right? I wasn’t sick last time, and that was a bad sign. Oh no.”

4. *one week later* “Ohhhh Goddddd, when will the vomiting end?” #SecretlySuperRelieved

5. “I just vomited from the hours of 3am to 6am and now I have to go to work for 8 hours. I’m no mathematician…but this kinda sucks.”

6. “I am the worst human being in the world. Like, here’s Donald Trump and waaaaayyyy down here is me. For I have just desecrated Her Majesty Queen Adele. She was on the radio, and lo, I could not stop barfing from beginning to end. Off with my head.” #HelloFromTheGarbageCan

7. “Did you know you can get a sinus infection, just from all the extra fluids being produced in your body during pregnancy? I SURE DIDN’T! Seriously, Adele, if you’re not gonna cut off my head, I’m just gonna do it myself.”

8. “Sweet, I finally lost that 15 pounds I’ve been chasing for 3 years, and the curves are landing in all the right places! Hello, boobs, nice to meet you at last!” *smacks husband’s hands away for the 27th time cause these new bubbies HURT, BITCH*

9. “Steve just told me that he feels like our bodies are singing Sarah McLachlan songs to each other, it’s been so long. And then to prove his point, he burst out, I WILL REMEMBER YOUUUUUU WILL YOU REMEMBER MEEEE DON’T LET YOUR WIFE PASS YOU BY *reaches towards new boobs* WEEP NOT FOR THE MAMMARIES

I should probably do something sexy before he leaves me.”

10. “I am in the bathroom at work. I have just barfed, peed myself a little, switched gears for diarrhea and had a nosebleed in the last 5 minutes.

Baby Button, I love you, but seriously CALM YOUR SHIT.” #AlwaysKeepAChangeOfClothesInTheCar #ThanksHusbandForBringingMeClothesAndAlsoForNotLeavingMe

11. “Omg our maternity photo shoot is in 3 days, and everything is terrible! At least on my wedding day, someone could use the power of foundation and witchcraft to make me beautiful, but NOW I’m on my OWN! I need a haircut! There are burst blood vessels in my face! I have nothing to wearrrrr…”

12. “Did I actually forget how amazing our photographer is? For. Shame.”



13. “Hold up. Did I just…? Yep, there is *something* moving inside me, and for once, it’s not gas! Or maybe it is? Wait, now I’m being punched in the ribs by the tiniest little fist in the world, yes I am, hello baby! Steve, come quick! Everything we’ve gone through in the last 5 months is about to be worth it!”


To be continued…


On the 3rd day of LUSHmas…

…my LUSHIE gave to me…



But first…our cold snap has broken! HALLELUJAH!!! THERE IS SNOOOOOOWWWW IN MY YARD!!!!! And my cat still seems to gain life by cuddling with me; even MOAR HALLELUJAHS!!!

Yet amidst this rejoicing, I have been very reflective upon this season of death that December seems to be bringing us.

Paul Walker, doing what he loved, maybe a little too well.

Nelson Mandela – a man that I know not nearly enough about – fighting with his voice and spirit, even until the very end. He saw almost an entire century of our world, can you believe it?

Eleanor Parker, another well-ripened beauty. For me, she will always be the Baroness Schrader from The Sound of Music. She is timeless to me, as well as Julie Andrews + Christopher Plummer. God knows I’ll be adrift at sea when they finally depart.

And yesterday, I spent the entire day remembering my childhood friends Stephanie and Rachel. Six years ago, they left. Already six years and one day. If not for the cruelty of another poor soul’s anger, these sisters could be married now. Publishing stories, chasing after little windmill feet, laughing by the Christmas tree. I’d like to hope that we’d still be friends. But more than hope, I know that I will see them again, and they will teach me everything I couldn’t quite grasp here on this frail earth. I anxiously await that day.

Perhaps that’s why I love this season so much, and cherish the snow on the rare moments it falls. Without it, all we have is the dead ground and naked trees, reminding us of what once was here. A covering, a protection, is laid upon the dirt and wood, giving us something new to look at, all the while preparing its inhabitants for the time when they come back to life. They don’t know it yet, but they won’t be dead forever. The rain will wash away, the sun will demand the trees and grass to reach out their arms to him as far as they can go. We may be lost in the dark season now, but we WILL BE – dare I say it – lush and green once again.

Much like the earth, our own bodies need a protective covering every once in awhile. A thick coat of healing, and a thunderous act of washing away. Starting over. This concept is written into the very fiber of what LUSH stands for.

“We believe…in the right to make mistakes, lose everything, and start again.”

I don’t know about you, but that statement gives me such a feeling of freedom. Freedom from the label of “failure”, freedom to be myself, freedom to live and move and have my being even if I trip on my own clumsy feet and break a precious vase or two. Freedom to be beautiful in a way that goes beyond the standard of the dreaded 36-24-36.

And the other day, Rudolph gave me the freedom to love my face and have some fun while I was at it!

When I finished my shift on Saturday, my blogging brain got totally turned on. I’ve already talked about 2 bath bombs…I’m not ready to talk about my hair experiment yet…what can I do to shake things up?

The best thing I could have done was talk to a co-worker. We’ll call her Avery. I explained that I was very new to LUSH still and hadn’t tried everything, but I wanted to keep my readers invested, yo!

“Oh! Have you tried any of our face masks? I think Rudolph would be the best one, he’s great for winter!”

So into my basket, I plopped that little container of the reindeer.

I didn’t have any downtime until Sunday evening. Steve and I were at his parent’s place for our eat-dinner-and-watch-Once-Upon-a-Time tradition, and I told my sister-in-law Sarah about my new purchase. What she did next took this whole thing to an unbelievable level, but I’ll get to that in a minute.


Behold, my face! Freshly washed, and looking just okay under this glaring bathroom light. For the integrity of the experiment’s sake, I took all of my “after” pictures underneath the same bathroom light. And can I just say that I HATE when all the magazine’s models with “before” pictures look like they’re heavily medicated, and then suddenly they’re beaming in the “after” pictures? Come on. We all know that a smile is an instant pretty-maker, so of course they’re going to look better if they only smile AFTER you’ve given them their makeover. Hence, why I am smiling NOW, so ya’ll will actually be able to TELL the difference.

Here’s where this gets awesome. You may have noticed in my picture of the face mask that Rudolph contains a precious little red jelly plop. That is not for show. That belongs on your nose, son. To feel the full effects of the Rudolph face mask, you must BECOME THE RUDOLPH!!!

So when Sarah saw what was going on, I could see an idea come over her face, and she took off down the stairs. After rummaging around in the basement for a couple of minutes, she came back with a gift and bestowed it upon my head.


Transformation: complete. And, not surprisingly, Mr. Fox didn’t have a whole lot to say about it either.

10 minutes. That’s all you need for Rudolph to work his magic. So if you’re one to say that you don’t really have time for a face mask, IIIIIIIIIIII’m gonna have to disagree with you. Look at how much fun you can have in 10 minutes.






My favourite things about this face mask:

– After 10 minutes, it had somewhat dried, but it didn’t “freeze” my features (obviously) or make me feel like I was going to crack in half if I moved.
– So refreshingly tingly! It’s bursting with fresh ingredients, including a cucumber-oatmeal-coconut oil combo for moisturizing, kaolin clay and tofu for exfoliation, and lavender oil-organic aloe vera powder-calamine powder for soothing the sad, redness-inducing irritations that winter brings. Topped off with fresh peppermint and green tea to make me smell oh-so-nice.
– LUSH obviously wants you to have a lot of fun with this product. I’m not sure if the jelly nose has any special healing properties for your nose other than seaweed, but it sure makes you smile and that’s good enough for me.
– This mask is part of our passion for the environment! On the lid, it says, “Bring back 5 clean pots with this logo and we’ll give you a free face mask!” Not every pot says this yet, but it’s a great motivator to not throw away your black pots once you’re done with them. We send boxes full of black pots back to headquarters and they are then recycled into other things. Hooray!
– Rudolph is easy to keep in the fridge, and stays fresh for about 3 weeks. I think there’s enough in there for me to have 3 once-a-week applications!
– It’s been almost two days and my face still feels so soft. I didn’t apply any lotion or moisturizers afterwards either! After only 10 minutes of this amazing winter-fighter: dead skin was buh-bye, fresh new skin had been born, husband was not able to stop touching my face, and I was feeling pretty fiiiiiine (even under that lovely bathroom light!)



See what I mean? I think this is my most vain entry ever! Heheheh.

So, dear reader, I can now 100% recommend the power of the reindeer to coat and soothe and heal your face. (But if you’re looking for something a little different, we also have at least 6 other face masks plus a hair mask that may be the answer to what you’re searching for.)
Rudolph is a limited edition product, only provided in the winter, so the time is now! Go forth and BE RUDOLPHED! And take pictures! And show them to me! Be freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Take heart, the dark season is half over, with no lack of glorious rests of light along the way.

xo Carly

i don’t know any tricks, but i’m feelin 26?

Wow, what a month. I didn’t mean to take such a hiatus, but life totally gets the blame here. She took me, made me happy, gave me rest, warmed my heart, kicked me in the crotch, said sorry about that, made me laugh and sent me on my way.

I could tell many stories about all of that, but I figure the best way to not bore you to death is to use point form, complete with bold headers and cutesy pictures. Are ya ready? Vamonos!

1. Second Honeymoons Are So Worth It

We did it. We drove the crap out of that road, stayed the crap out of that castle, visited the crap out of our Calgary friends, slept the crap out of our fluffy King-sized beds I never wanted to leave, pictured the crap out of our new camera, and we honeyed. the crap. outta that moon.










2. I’m Kinda Full Of It

You see the title of the post I wrote before this one? “Aging with Grace,” I called it. Well, apparently, I need to go back and do my homework because two weeks ago, I turned one year older and I’ve been nothin’ but trouble ever since.


3. There are 6 more days until Halloween.

2013-10-09 16.31.32 2013-10-09 16.31.39 2013-10-09 16.34.09

Which essentially means that I only have 5 more days to change Walter’s mind about this. If you take note of the body language, he’s clearly not happy. In fact, you’d think you had truly burdened him with the weight of the world and it physically restrains him from being able to move. The only thing he can do is give you dead eyes that speak of betrayal.But since we are good parents, we’ve decided upon the art of trickery. We sprinkled this costume with catnip and let it lay among Walter’s toys and mutilated bits of furniture. It won’t be long now. The twain SHALL meet and it will be glorious.

4. Eva Sofia is one of the most precious things that has ever happened to me.

If you don’t remember her, have a look at this and read the story of how I was given the special privilege of bringing her into the world 7ish weeks ago.

This past Thanksgiving weekend, she came to see me and everything was wonderful. Mom and Dad looked pretty well rested and happy and in love with their girly. They let me take a few family photos that I am just in love with…2013-10-14 08.30.34










2013-10-14 08.31.00





2013-10-14 08.31.12







My heart is officially a puddle on the floor.

5. My mom is a badass.

2013-07-12 07.55.29










Aaaaaaand this is all you need to know that.

6.  Money can make Weddings Beautiful and
Marriage Difficult.

It’s been a long, hard week, to be honest. On my wedding day 13 months ago, when everything was smiles and kisses and flowers and laughter, I didn’t know there would be weeks like this. Weeks where it feels like I’ve been looking for work forever. Weeks where it feels like I’m not the right person to live down here, where I don’t fit in, where I don’t seem to meet the standards just by being myself. (I have been blessed enough to interview with LUSH this week and get a call-back for a 2nd interview right away, but now I’m at the waiting stage and it is trying to kill me.) Weeks where Steve and I forget that we are partners, allies, in this together. Thoughts get thought, words get said, actions are made, and sometimes you worry that it can’t be fixed. Yesterday, I thought, Oh God…he’s finally had enough of me…one day, I’m going to be a lonely old woman – nope, not even with cats to surround me! – and I’m going to look back on this week and say, “Yes. That was the beginning of the end. How did I not see it?”

Ever worry that it might be ruined?

Yeah, but it’s not. Not today. Not this week, not this month and I’m banking on not this year.

And does it make you wanna cry?

Yes, and I do. And I pray and I fight and I kiss and I make-up and I fall in love again.

Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame,
Where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned,
But just because it burns doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try, try, try.

P!nk, my girl, you have created the marriage anthem and I don’t care what anyone says about that.

The truth is, there will probably always be a reason to be upset. At your partner, at life, at yourself. I have been all three this week. But it will drain your life, your joy away, and change nothing. So I am determined more than ever to do that whole thing where I stop believing the lies are true and the truth is too good to be true.

I am loved and so is he and we will carry ever on.

7. HOW IS BREAKING BAD SO AMAZING?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???????

breaking bad







Like. I just. Can’t.

We are in the early stages of season 5, and I am in the early stages of having a heart attack. These characters have completely sucked us into their world — and miraculously, I have continued on through all of my internetting and NOT YET BEEN SPOILED BY HOW IT ENDS.

Like, the other day, I was at the LUSH hiring fair, and all I overheard another applicant say was, “Breaking Bad Finale,” and I interrupted him, saying, “LALALALALALALALALALALA NOT LISTENING DO NOT SAY ANOTHER WORD PLEASE.” And he was like, “Um, I’ve actually never watched the show, it’s just all my friends are talking about and I don’t know why.” And I was like,


That’s what Breaking Bad has done to me. It makes me LALALALALALA at complete strangers.

8. I Now Know Why People Make Fun Of Me For Being Mexican


A Crapload Can Change In One Year

Yes, crapload. Stayin’ classy.

This time last year, I was the pretty harried receptionist/office manager/flak receiver at a dance studio that collapsed in on itself as soon as I left. Well, maybe not quite that dramatic, but it kind of seemed like it? I was also writing this.

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks. Summer is dying while managing to squeeze a few beautiful moments left out of her system, and Autumn (yes, Autumn, with a capital A. Still stayin’ classy.) is starting to show her true colours.

I’m a little bit excited.

Because while I love summer and its sunshiney grace on my poor soul needy Mexican skin, I miss scarves. And big sweaters, and crunchy leaves, and hot chocolate, and not having to shave my legs every other day. I am fruit-smoothie and sundressed out. Fall is my time to shine; layers are my friends, friends.

But unlike last year, we (Steven and I) are going to try really, really hard not to couch this one all away. Granted, we were recovering from a honeymoon chock full of puke, diarrhea and infected internal organs, on top of getting used to living with another human being who was actually not as picture perfect as we both imagined.

However, I think we love each other more now than we did on our wedding day, and it’s because of those very things. Taking care of one another up close while sick (or *ahem* unemployed or depressed or lonely…who, me?) creates a very special intimacy that gives you the freedom to be yourself – the good, the bad and the ugly version of yourself. And that in turn lets you start over and re-build what you thought was true love from the ground up, so, if you’re lucky, now you have a relationship that is more honest and gaining in grace. Without real truth, there cannot be real love.

So I personally am reveling in the fact that the first year of marriage is almost complete. It has been hard, but good. There have been more gains than losses. It is brutiful.

And it is moving forward!

For our anniversary –which is in 11.5 days YIKES–, we plan to travel. And not to camp either.

Now hold up. Camping is GREAT. But it is also how we spent our honeymoon, and most of the summer, so for our Honeymoon 2.0, we’re just gonna get in the truck with a couple bags for survival and drive somewhere nice. Somewhere we can breathe a sigh of relief, pamper ourselves a bit, and recharge for the winter. I’m thinking mountains and trees and fresh air and water and candlelit dinners and hot tubs and business time and walks and naps and drinks and laughter and pictures. Lots of pictures.

And as for what I call the Sunless Blues, well, this girl is prepared.

Vitamin D’s in gummy form because I am a child and won’t remember to take them otherwise.

Some flowers and tomatoes and basil and peppermint that grows out of little tin cans.

Auditioning to be a part of Trinity Western’s University choir tonight. If I’m accepted, that’ll get me through quite a few Tuesdays.

Promoting my doula business to the next level with cards and such. I’ve got a guy.

Having friends and neighbours over for homemade dinner regularly, instead of just saying that one day we’ll invite them and then ordering take-out for two. #followthrough

Which is also the perfect segue to better cooking and better eating. It is so easy to pack on the pounds during the cold months, but we’re determined to at least stay where we are, if not drop a bit. I mean, we bought a soccer ball, so it’s pretty for real.

A search for the perfect Halloween costume for my cat. Did you know that they have a Buzz Lightyear now? Every time I walk in the pet store, it’s like I have my own personal little Angel on one shoulder reminding me that I love my kitteh, and a Devil on the other snickering that Walter would look so cute as an Eeyore and he would hate it and I should get it.
Image  Image
And when they look like that….well, you can see why I’m having such a hard time making the right choice.

And of course with winter comes more down time. More down time means more music making. And that means our friend Jason is in luck.
The other day, he said to us, “If you guys don’t make another Agent Button video soon, I’m going…to flip…my lid. So now you know.”
Oh, we know. And so does Sean Bean.

And knowing is half the battle.

The Only Girl at the Bachelor Party, part II

So where was I?

Oh yes. Not even a little bit prepared. (Neither are you, btw.)

Rehearsal ended, we packed up everything, the guys continued on to their bachelor party dinner thingy, Steve and I attended a brief BBQ, and by 8:30pm, we were on our way to Richmond.

I think this is where I should mention that NONE of us have ever been to the Richmond Night Market. In my head, I’m thinking it’s like a market…where you can buy stuff…and it’s only open at night…


Friends, let’s imagine this area of Richmond like a sandwich, shall we? One slice of your bread is the Sky Train, and the other slice is the River Rock Casino. Your filling in between the bread? Bright lights, about a million Asian people (not being racist, it’s just a fact) and for every 2 people, there is a booth/vendor that wants to sell you a Hello Kitty backpack or a Deep Fried Mars Bar.

Uhh, hell yes, I made this very important purchase!

So. We take the plunge into this boiling cauldron of delights, knowing that we are the band, we need to get in to set up by 9:30pm, we need to find our “agent”, Dominic, there.is.nothing.else.

We drive in. Tell the security that we are important. Cool, fine. We keep driving. We reach the stage. We get out. We are approached.

“Where have you been? You’re supposed to go on at 9 o’clock!”

Uh. Hold the phone. Sir, that is incorrect. We are the Weezer cover band, here for 10:30. Are you Dominic?

“10:30? That can’t be right. And no, I’m not Dominic.”

Where is Dominic?

“What are you talking about? No one named Dominic works here, now let’s get you unloaded, people are waiting!”

Friends, this is where we learned that there are TWO Richmond Night Markets. The one we were at was expecting another band that failed to show up by 9. The one we’d actually booked with was way smaller and there was no way we were gonna be able to locate it in time to perform by 10:30.

So we said, “Sorry, Dominic!” and started unloading.

Everyone say, “Aww, poor Dominic.”

Now a buzz has filled the air. This band is so pumped, you guys. You have no idea. “Holy crap, what just happened, we’re playing at the wrong venue but it’s even bigger, our groom is going to lose his shit, heck I’M going to lose my shit” was the general consensus all around.

I am feeling so prepared. I have my phone for pictures/video, I have Steve’s phone for pictures/video, I….

I need a bathroom.

I politely ask not-Dominic where I might find one. He gives me long, complicated directions on how to get to a place that sounds really far away.

“Or,” he finishes, “There’s always backstage.”

Oh, thank Goodness!

I look backstage. No bathroom. I look again, cause sometimes I’m dumb and again, no bathroom. I ask Steve, “Have you seen a bathroom back here?” He hasn’t. We both go up to not-Dominic and ask again. He laughs. “Oh, you believed me? I actually meant the bushes!”

Steve: “Oh, well that’s okay, she grew up in the woods, she’s used to it.”

Well, it’s kinda true.

So I tromp into the darkness. Literally. I am very happy that the distant city lights reflected on the NEAR BY RIVER or else I might not be telling this story.

I find my secluded little spot, get ready to do my business, and —


I am now in the dark, peeing by a river, and trying not to scream while pulling thorn branches out of my derriere.


When I returned, I discovered that a couple of things had happened.

The groom had arrived. Our young, fresh-faced, innocent groom had arrived.

He was wearing a white T-shirt that had full tattoo arm sleeves attached to them.


He looked kinda like this.

*not an entirely accurate representation

All right! Groom’s here! Instruments are tuned! My cameras are ready! Let’s get this party — what the crap, there’s a red Teletubby on the stage. With a ukulele.Image

And probably already a thousand hits on YouTube.


And Instagram.

I don’t know where he came from, I don’t know what he was doing or why he was being a Teletubby, but I was totally okay with all of it. (Rumour has it he is one of the groom’s brothers…)

Concert begins, and it, of course, rocks. Thank God Asian people listen to Weezer or else it might have been a tough crowd. You know that phrase, “I’m Big in Japan” ? Well, now I know where it comes from. Marky & the Panthers are gonna be the next Asian sensation.

ImageSorry about your legs and hunchback, J. Panorama shots are no one’s friend.



Steve’s guitar solo was so awesome, he almost fell over.


Right about here was where I ran out of battery and room on BOTH phones. No more documenting.

Right about here was where the concert ended, and the band was doing one of those extended endings of a song, you know what I mean? Like, drums are crashing, strings are noodling, keys are smashing, all on the same chord just waiting for the resolution of going out with a bang!

The whole time this was occurring, Po the Teletubby was pumping his ukulele up and down high above his head – I assumed this was his participation because he couldn’t actually play it due to having abnormally large red-pad hands.

But no. He was psyching himself UP for what was coming next. He lifted the uke by the neck, lifted it, lifted it…and on the drum’s last bang, Po brought that ukulele down onto the stage with such force that people in the crowd were screaming and grabbing bits of the Po-lele to take home and scrapbook. I mean, it was smashed.

My first reaction was to scream like the crowd, “YAAAAAHHHHH WOOOOOO!!!!”

And then I cried a little on the inside, because dead ukulele.

And then I screamed some more because it was awesome and why did I not have a video of it?

After we packed everything up, not-Dominic asked us to come back anytime. We were, apparently, a hit!

To finish the night, we wandered through the booths a little and partook of the many things you may regret in the morning. Steve and I were home by 1:30am, knowing full well that we had to get up early to set up even more instruments and play even more music at church the next day.

So worth it.



It is officially April 3rd, and I am so excited. Why?

Because, as far as the lower mainland is concerned, the damn winter is over.

I know, I know. What am I complaining about? No snow, short winters, ocean, shopping therapy opportunities everywhere. I come from the North – I know what ya’ll are dealing with right meow and April doesn’t always mean anything.

But for a tough young lady who has battled many a snowy long winter in her lifetime, this year nearly broke me. Constant rain, constant grey billowing clouds overhead, constant staying inside. The only winter I can think of that was worse was the one of ’03-’04 when I was in Bella Coola. Imagine everything I just said, but now you’ve got snow AND a claustrophobic canyon to add to the mix. NOT. FUN.

This, is Fun.


This, is not.

For awhile, I thought, “Maybe I just don’t belong here. Maybe I will never have happy feelings again. Maybe I’m gonna go all Jack Torrants on my poor family and be on the news for Cabin Fever Disorder. ‘She was such a nice girl; I just don’t understand,’ they all would say.”

But this is simply not the truth. The truth is, that as much as I can work a couch marathon with the best of ’em (Currently just finished season 6 out of 7 on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and we only started it, oh…less than 2 months ago? Yeah.) , I need the outside. I crave it. It fills my soul, makes my blood pump faster, my smile get bigger.
Now I’m not saying that I’m one of those amazing people who goes for hikes and bike rides and runs for pure enjoyment. Heh, noooooo. But give me an hour a day in the sunlight, and I’ll be the happiest little frolicker you ever did see.

Did you know that I love the very smell of spring? The leaves, the flowers, the new asphalt, right down to the very whiff of gasoline off the BBQ.

Did you know that I love the very sound of spring? Water trickling, leaves blowing, crunching footsteps, lawn mowers, the pounding thunder of 100 ducks taking off in flight at once.

Did you know that I love the very feel of spring? All things are new. Started over. Hope, joy, excitement, dreaming has returned. For me, it’s the feel of my doula course starting in 9 1/2 days, and knowing that I already have a dear friend who wants me to accompany her in her time of need. Drinking only water or juice every weekday for the past 2 1/2 weeks and already dropping 7 pounds. Two out-of-town weddings of favourite people to travel to, and new music to accompany the road. And the countdown to my bestie Laurie coming to see me just keeps whizzing by at incredible speed. I swear, yesterday, we were at 100 days and now it’s 58. I can’t wait to show her everything in my world,  the world Steve and I have created and enjoyed.

This, now, is a holding time. A calm wait before the beautiful take-off. There will be many things to see and say and discover here before this year is over.

But for now, welcome to my backyard.







“And everything in time, and under heaven, finally falls asleep.
Wrapped in blankets white, all creation shivers underneath.

And still I notice You when branches crack,
And in my breath on frosted glass.
Even now in death, You open doors for life to enter –
You are Winter.

And everything that’s new has bravely surfaced,
Teaching us to breathe.
And what was frozen through is newly purposed,
Turning all things green.

So it is with You, and how You make me new
With every season’s change.
And so it will be, as You are recreating me –
Summer, Autumn, Winter….Spring.

(Every Season, Nichole Nordeman)

Agent Button 2.0 is Born

Agent Button 2.0 is Born

Yes, we formed our team in April of 2012, but I’m calling this 2.0 because, as of last night, we are officially on Youtube. 🙂 The day when we add microphones and PA systems and cameras that aren’t hand-held, I’ll refer to us as 2.1. 😉

All joking aside…I am excited. This is so many things for us. A few of which being: getting a resolution completed, hurray for follow-through! Sharing the love of music and (hopefully-not-apparent-to-just-us) emotional chemistry with everyone else. Having fun. Being reassured that we have gifts to share with each other and others, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. And finally – maybe most importantly! – learning how to use a Youtube account.

Like I said, so many things. So whether or not you like us, you can’t be against all of that! 🙂 We hope you enjoy our first effort, and please know there is more to come.


Agent Button